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    • Orilla Cart eCommerce

      Manage store from any size with Orilla Cart eCommerce.

    • Products Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Sell almost any kind of products including downloadable.

    • Orders Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Easy to review and edit your order.

    • Checkout Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      One page checkout process.

    • Product types Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Multiple product types and settings.

    • Attributes Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Add specific attributes for color, size etc.

    • Product variations Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Create product variations with images for every combination of attributes.

    • Extensions support Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Extensions support for most of the popular payment gateways.

    • Shipping Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

      Powerful built in shipping options and variety of additional shipping extensions.

Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

Wish to run a WordPress eCommerce website? Orilla Cart has every features you need to run your online business. Works with any free WordPress eCommerce theme.
Unlimited Customization

Choose from our extensions or enjoy the complete freedom that open source gives you to customize the design and functionalities of your store.
Flexible Themes

Created to be themes compatible it can work with almost every standard or premium WordPress theme. The fluid layout makes it perfect for responsive designs.
Easy to Use

Let your intuition guide you through the user-friendly admin panel. Set up your online store in a matter of minutes and start selling.

Speed and agility

Fast, flexible, and secure. You can create and manage any size stores with ease.
Customer Support

Take full advantage of our community forum. Our premium extension members can get support directly from the developers.
Easy Updates

Our plugin utilizes the reliable and easily accessible standard WordPress update system.


Here are some key features of Orilla Cart

Works with most themes

Taking advantage of almost every available standard or premium WordPress themes. We at Orilla Cart team created our eCommerce plugin with theme compatibility in mind. This is achieved by using responsive design approach and built-in Bootstrap framework. With minor adjustments, Orilla Cart will fit like a glove in every beautiful WordPress theme.

Payment gateways management

Very suitable option when comes to eCommerce payment management. Display name, list order and available in country option, will help you to manage your payment list. Bank transfer, cheque, pay on delivery and PayPal payments are available for free in Orilla Cart plugin.
PayPal is the most likely choice for eCommerce payment gateway. We include PayPal in to our plugin for the convenience of our users.

Custom product attributes and variations

The most impressive features that Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress can offer. Product attributes and variations are features that any eCommerce plugin should offer.
With product attributes alone you have the ability to create configurable products. Your customers will be able to select variety of properties which can increase or decrease the product price. Also we offer in addition attribute sets. They come handy wen predefined attribute set is needed. Predefined sets such as clothing sizes, colors and warranty for example, can be added to products with similar properties saving you time.
Product variation expand the attributes to the edge. Each attribute becomes separated product. That means that you can benefit from all of the product options offered by our ecommerce plugin.
The separated product gallery, vat taxes, product description and inventory will make possible the creation of the ultimate configurable product.

Table Rate Shipping

The most advanced shipping option that any eCommerce plugin can offer. Included for free in Orilla Cart, it adds highly customizable shipping options and ability to recreate any premium shipping method.
Multiple rates in which you can define the dimensions, weight, order total, ZIP code, country, state and VAT taxes. Several types of table rate calculation as well as rules based on dimensions, weight, order total, ZIP code, country and state.

Inventory management

A eCommerce plugin inventory is one of its major assets. The supervision of supply, storage and accessibility of items helps you creating a purchasing plan that will ensure that items are available when they are needed. Those capabilities will ensure the smooth running of ecommerce store of any size.
Creation of multiple stockrooms. Delivery time, days or weeks as well as minimum and maximum delivery time. Stockroom description for your convenience. Easy amounts managing. Product-attribute filter, stockroom and category filter as well as search field, will help you find the products you want to edit or review.

Orders management

View orders, send email invoice to your customers. View order histories, create and edit orders from the back-end. Change orders shipping rates as well as friendly orders filter. All available in our eCommerce plugin.

Countries management

Back-end countries and states management. You can add, remove or edit countries and states as well as their codes, by the easiest possible way any eCommerce plugin can offer.

Tax groups management

By using our eCommerce plugin, you have the ability to sell all over the world. Set up taxes for almost every country, Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress has very powerful system for managing taxes. All of the taxes are managed by predefined tax rules. You can create taxes for countries and states. Create separate sets of taxes which can be used for individual products.

Orilla Cart eCommerce WordPress

Using WordPress eCommerce plugins can be simple, inexpensive way to sell your goods.
What do you need to build an e-store? Very simple, transform WordPress from blog tool into high end eCommerce platform. Platform in which you want to offer products, receive orders and collect profit. With Orilla Cart eCommerce We offer you this and plenty more.

WordPress has evolved to become a great platform for products and business. With the help of Orilla Cart and WordPress, you can create and run a fully-working eCommerce site for your business quite easily.
Orilla Cart is an eCommerce plugin for your WordPress based website. Quite light yet powerful, comes packed with all the features of a top-level eCommerce platform.